Watson, helping with the table runners

Watson, helping with the table runners

All the wedding blogs tell me how to handle this, and everybody I know had some drama with this, but I’m going to toss tact out the window and be blunt and direct.  I just feel it’s always best that way.

The invitations have been sent, a couple of weeks ago.  We got one back as undeliverable, but I suspect that most people have received them by now.

When we sat down to make our guest list, we were limited by the wierdest thing.  Food.  We’ve been to two weddings now that ran out of food, and Chris and I agreed that our wedding was NOT going to have that problem.  (God I hope we don’t)  So we figured out how many people we could afford to feed and we capped it at that.

Then we added our family. Then we added our very closest circle of friends, excepting those people that we felt would be uninterested or just unable to make the trip. And then we filled the rest of the guest list with people we adore who we thought would want to be invited.

If you were hoping to get invited, or expecting to get invited, but you didn’t get an invitation, it’s probably because we didn’t know you’d be willing or able to come. Just let us know you’re interested.

Our guest list is full, but we know that not everyone we invited will say yes.  As soon as someone says no, we will get you an invitation.  If we didn’t invite you, it’s not because we don’t love you.

In other news, we’re making crafting progress.  We finished all the tablecloths (what an epic effort that was!) and we’re well into table runners.  We have lots of stars (thanks to all the people who have helped with them) to fill vases with, and I’ve got all the beads and gems I need to make my jewelry. The escort card materials are on their way, and my ring has been ordered, though we’re still waiting to hear back about whether Chris’s can be custom-made.

A lot of people have asked what’s left to be done, that they can help with.  Here’s the to-do list as we see it at the moment:

  • Frames need to be spray-painted
  • Once printed, art and table names need to be framed
  • Chalkboard signs need to be painted
  • More paper roses, peonies and fabric roses need to be made
  • Jars need to be decorated with ribbons
  • Escort cards need to be assembled

Every weekend until the wedding is going to be working on stuff, until it’s done.  Truthfully, I really REALLY want to be done with all the things above by BayCon (End of May), so that the last month can be spent catching up on last-minute things we forgot.  I think it’s doable.

If you’d like to help, please shoot me a text, email, or IM.  After this weekend we’ll be having people over whenever they’re available.  If you can’t make the time to help, don’t feel bad.  We’ll be just fine and we love you anyways.

And in advance, I’m going to apologize for the fact that we’re 8 weeks out and our world is about to become Wedding Wedding Wedding as we approach the deadline for the biggest art project we have ever done.  <3


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