Ring around the wedding!

Just a short update, to say that things are falling into place so nicely!

Thanks to Louise, the chalkboards, most of the flowers and a ton more stars are done. Thanks to Rich, the frames for table names are painted. Progress is being made and we don’t have much more to do!

Today, I had my second to last fitting with the seamstress and she pinned the hem of my dress. It’s looking great! I’ll be putting a post about her up soon- she’s brilliant, much like all the other people we get to work with for this wedding. :)

Best of all, we picked up Chris’s ring today. We had fallen in love with a particular ring from the same place that made mine, but when we tried to order it, it was no longer available. Chris was heartbroken, until Michelle, bridesmaid extraordinaire, saved the day by referring us to Shepard Jewellers in Los Gatos.

We took photographs to Jeff and he took about four weeks, but he reproduced the ring and even IMPROVED the design, adding extra flourishes and elegance. It’s gorgeous. Chris is on top of the world!

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