Meet the Wedding Party: Groomsman Barry Blackwood

BLACKWOOD-BARRY-1Chris is very lucky that one of his groomsmen is not just his friend, he’s also his dad.

Barry was raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  He met Sue in a night club in Richmond in the 60s, and he was in love at first sight.  Apparently, it took him a while to win her over, so we can see where Chris learned to play hard to get!

Barry is an amazing, award-winning musician.  He started playing steel guitar, guitar and bass in the 50s professionally, and won semi-final prize money in the American Song Festival in 1974.  I’m proud to point out that Loggins & Messina also had a song in that contest, and didn’t win anything.  😀

In addition to his musical talents, Barry rounds out his artistic portfolio with painting, sculpting and propmaking.  Barry is where Chris learned his craft.  He considers a sculpture of E.T. that he worked on with Sue to be their best work, but I have also seen light sabers that he made back when parts weren’t available, a gorgeous mural he painted on Chris’s bedroom wall, a C3PO costume, and an R2D2 from back before there were kits.

With all this genius and talent, he considers himself pretty average.  I consider Chris a darn lucky guy to have such an amazing dad.

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