We got so much done!

20130616_221108This weekend, Kitty, Michael, Louise, Rich, Sarah and Kayla all helped Chris and I with crafts.  We got SO MUCH DONE!  It’s starting to feel like the wedding is ready to go – the only things that are left are things that would be ok to not have.  We abandoned a couple of decor ideas because we just put them off too long and they don’t add enough to be worth the effort.

So there we are.  I hoped to be done by the beginning of June, and we actually finished up two weeks before the wedding.  Not bad.  We are ready, and eager, and starting to get excited!

Check out all the stuff we got done:

  • Made a sandwich board so people know where to turn off of the highway
  • Made all the table names
  • Made the final table runner
  • Made all the escort cards
  • Finished all but a few paper flowers (which Michael painstakingly cut and now I get to curl and glue)
  • Countless stars
  • Guestbook cards
  • Prepped all the vases
  • Bought Kayla’s bridesmaid dress (finally!)

Now we’re in the list phase, where there will be lists of things and asking people for help.  Whew, so much to remember!

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