Official Details

Details are coming clear as the date looms ever closer!

When: June 30, 2013 High noon

Where:  Sanborn County Park, Santa Cruz Mountains, California, US, Earth, Milky Way

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Ceremony will be held in the redwood cathedral at Peterson’s Grove, followed immediately by reception and dancing in the Sequoia Group Area.  Our location is rustic and full of natural beauty, so take your allergy medication and bring sunscreen.

High Tea will be served (this is a meal) and there will be activities for kids.  And did we mention dancing?  We hope you’ll dance.

Getting There

Regardless of where you come from, find your way to Hwy 9.

From Hwy 9, turn onto Sanborn Road, which is a tiny little mountain road that winds its way up into the trees.  There’s only one way to turn onto the road from 9, so you’re guaranteed to be going the right way.

Follow the road to the main entrance of the park.  Take it slow, because the road is often very narrow.  At the main entrance, there will be a representative (to be named later) handing out parking passes.  They will only be there until 11:45, so get there early!  Otherwise, you’ll have to pay $6 for parking.

Immediately inside the park, turn right up a steep road.  Follow this to a large parking area. Park anywhere in there.

At the end of the parking area, you will see the wedding and reception locations.  I’ll add a map soon.

About the Area

The Santa Cruz Mountain range is a beautiful (mostly) wilderness area between San Jose and Santa Cruz.  It’s the location of some amazing hiking and the San Andreas fault runs right through it.  Don’t be nervous – the universe assures me there are no earthquakes scheduled for the day of our wedding.

Sanborn County Park is a HUGE park slightly off of Highway 9.  It’s isolated up in the mountains, but you’ll be able to get there by car.  Officially, it’s a part of Saratoga, but it’s several miles outside the city.

For those guests coming from out of town, Sanborn Park offers camping, or you can stay in a hotel in Saratoga, or you can stay in a hotel near us in San Jose.  Feel free to reach out to Chris and I and we’ll help you choose something that fits your needs and is nice.

For before and after the wedding, Sanborn Park offers gorgeous hiking trails and vistas (take us with you!), and nearby Santa Cruz has beaches and lots of great tourist attractions.  Just 45 minutes north you’ll find San Francisco, and even our home town of San Jose is full of great museums and fun activities.  We’re happy to help you fill your time if you choose to stay a few extra days.


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