We struggled with the concept of a registry. People are taking time out of their lives to come and celebrate with us, and some are traveling long distances. We have a full household of All the Stuff.  There really isn’t anything we need.

So we have decided to give you three options.

  1. Do nothing at all; we don’t need gifts, just your love is enough.
  2. Donate to the ALS Association in Robert Taylor’s name.  Robert is Krys’s dad and he died of ALS in 2007.
  3. Purchase a part of our honeymoon for us. We’re going to Scotland and it’s going to be pricey, so if you really want to give us a gift, gift us part of a rental car or a hotel night or a dinner in Scotland.

We love you all and we can’t emphasize enough how happy we are that you’ll be celebrating with us.

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