How We Met

Chris as Storm Shadow


Chris and I met on Halloween, 2009.

I was helping out at the World Fantasy Convention, keeping the bars in the Con Suite stocked.  Most people at a literary convention don’t wear costumes, but it was Halloween and I was dressing up, darnit.

My friend Sarah dropped by with her then-husband and their friend Chris.  He was dressed in what I thought of as a “white ninja” outfit, but he later educated me: it was Storm Shadow from GI Joe.

Either way, he was cute and I instantly set about flirting with him.  We formed a friendship and after about 8 months of my best feminine guiles, he finally agreed to try a relationship.

At first, he was living in Sacramento while he applied to programs in San Jose.  In June of 2010 he moved to San Jose, and in April of 2011 he moved in with Kayla and I.

We’ve had many hijinks and adventures.  He’s been by my side through a long illness and recovery, and we’ve helped each other overcome some doozies that life has thrown our way.  We feel we’ve finally found our partner in crime-fighting.  :>

Me as an Ottoman dancer

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