Food, Glorious Food!

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When Chris and I were deciding on the theme of our wedding, we were keeping an eye on budget and thinking about the overall feeling.  We really, really wanted it to be a casual, fun thing, more like a picnic or party than a fancy affaire.  It didn’t take us long to decide what to do for food.

The wedding’s at noon.  The theme is scottish. So what are we serving?  High Tea.

Okay, not a proper high tea.  The food will be buffet style – you’ll serve yourselves.  There will be scones and tea sandwiches, with lemonade, iced tea, soda and mead to drink (post on our meadmaker coming soon).  There will be a small candy bar so you have something to nibble on before the food happens.  And so you can hyper up the kids.

Our wedding is sort of being catered by Lisa’s Tea Treasures.  I say sort of because they’re making it all and we’re picking it up the night before.  Then we’re transporting it to the site, and setting it all up.  If you haven’t been to Lisa’s Tea, you’re in for a treat.

Just to get your mouth watering:  Scones include apricot, blueberry and lavender white chocolate.  Tea sandwich flavors are pesto nut, cucumber mint, chicken tarragon, roast beef and sun-dried tomato.

And now I’m hungry.

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