Table Runners and Jewelry

Chris has his own sewing machine.  That's so sexy.

Chris has his own sewing machine. That’s so sexy.

Since our location is so beautiful already, we didn’t do much in the way of decorations.  However. the picnic tables everyone will be eating at are possibly TOO rustic, if there’s such a thing.  We decided they needed to be covered, and we focused all our decor thoughts and effort on the tables.

We finished the tablecloths a few weeks ago, and started working on the table runners – each table will have a different plaid as its table runner, and will be named after the family whose tartan is closest to a match.  We’ve acquired and made 9 of the 10, and I’m hunting for one more tartan so we can finish them up.

Also this weekend, because we are so being so productive, we made my jewelry for the wedding!  I had looked and looked and looked for the right jewelry, but couldn’t find anything like what I wanted. Both of us prefer simple jewelry, and I really wanted to bring the emerald from our wedding colors into it.  So, after an exhaustive hunt for just the right swarovski crystals and colored pearls, we made the necklace and earrings.  Thank goodness that’s done.

Here are photos, because photos are fun.  😀




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